280 PLN

Welcome drink:
Glass of sparkling wine

Served menu:
Bread and butter
Beef broth, julienne vegetables, mushroom tortellini, parsley

Main course:
Pork loin served with potatoes, green beans, sweet potato chips and demi-glace sauce

Meringue cake with vanilla cream, strawberries, blueberries, and passion fuit saucea

Menu bufet:
Marinated beef, rocket salad, parmesanm, and herb oil
Juicy pork loin, rosemary, and plum chutney
Gravlax – salmon marinated in sea salt and fennel with sour cream
A plate of smoked fish on lettuce with herb sauce
Baby spinach salad with orange goat cheese and mustard dressing
Greek style salat with marinated black olives, tomatoes and feta cheese
Pickles and sauces

Traditional apple pie with cinnamon
Chocolate tart with cherries in syrup
Viennese cheesecake
Cake Yoghurt with fruit
Sliced fruits
Sauces: vanilla, caramel, fruit

Hot dish ( served at night) :
Traditional polish sour soup “Żurek” with white sausage, dried mushrooms and boiled egg

Weddings and occasional parties

by phone: +48 58 5555 810